About CC Photo & Media


(billed per project or on subscription basis)

Graphic Design
(billed per project or on subscription basis)

Brand Consulting
(billed per session or on subscription basis)

Content Creation/Social Media Consulting
(billed on subscription basis)

Photography Education
Provided in group workshops for you and your team or one one one

Photography Consulting
Reviews of your current marketing collateral & web presence

Your Brand’s Story in Pictures

CC Photo & Media takes your company’s or brand’s vision from concept to reality, so you can share your story effectively through photographs. We help you to look your best on your website, social media and your other marketing materials.

Understanding & Bringing You to Clarity, While Focusing on the Long-Term Relationship

We work with you, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration and building a long-term relationship, in order to truly understand your core brand values, messaging, history, strategy and goals. Photography shouldn’t be a one-time thing, and we want to be there for you for all your photo projects. The branding process will guide the visual and creative direction and reinvent your imagery to match, making it work for you rather than turning people away. This process should leave you feeling confident and clear on where you’ve been, where you are now, and most importantly, where you’re headed.

Setting Your Business Apart and Positioning You as a Leader

Professional images build instant trust and rapport between you and your clients, something that will surely set your business apart and position you as a leader in your field/area. All of these benefits are essential if you want to succeed in business, work and life in this age of over-saturated markets, DIY start-ups and online businesses, which oftentimes feel unreliable due to a lack of care and attention to presentation.

Further, our images will add a human connection in a digital age, where direct, face-to-face communication, and even voice communication, happens at a minimum and a typical prospect makes a first encounter with your business online.

These photos will also enhance your customer experience, by showing that you are thinking of them and showing them a great experience in every aspect of your brand – from visuals to your actual service or product or location.

(How do you want your customers to experience your brand and feel when they see your marketing materials, visit your business, talk to you, etc.?)

Further, in the case of event photography, the work also adds value to your customers by documenting a memory for them and providing a tangible resource to go back to and share.

Keep ‘Em Coming Back!

Whether through branding portraits and headshots, food photography, event coverage, ambiance or behind-the-scenes photos, these photos capture the moments that matter and portray your brand in a whole new light – the one that your customer’s will love and keep coming back to for more.

About Our Clients (I.E. – You)

Are you a/an:

  • individual, artist or entrepreneur,
  • small or mid-size company/non-profit,
  • publication/publishing company,
  • creative, advertising or social media firm

in one of the following industries:

  • food & hospitality
    • (restaurants/cafes, catering, farming, b&b, hotels, chefs)
  • health, fitness & nutrition
    • (coaches, fitness instructors/personal trainers, reps for companies like Shacklee, Arbonne, Beach Body, etc.)
  • creative
    • (actors, artists, artisans, creators, hairstylists, makeup artists, musicians, bloggers/authors, etc.)


  • is driven by passion
  • mixes fun and work
  • thinks outside the box
  • wants to do something different
  • strives to push the envelope
  • takes bold action
  • is commited to self and brand development
  • values relationships, clear communication and storytelling
  • enjoys sarcasm
  • seeks out and can handle direct and constructive feedback

and is looking to:

  • build or establish a personal brand,
  • rebrand or reposition your business
  • host an event
  • launch a network marketing business,
  • launch a specific advertising or social media campaign
  • redo your marketing materials
  • change your menu
  • get to the next level

If anything above sounds like you, you could be a perfect fit for us. We’d love to talk to you about what you’re looking to do, so email or call us (845.418.2718) now to fill us in on how we can help you get to the next level.